Competition Coaching


UK’s best track record

Michelle has the leading competition track record in UK bikini coaching with over 950 top 6 places

Michelle founded Showgirl Fitness in 2012 & has been involved with Competition and coaching for 10 years. 

1000+ top 6 places

Showgirl Fitness has the leading competition team record in the UK . 1000 + top 6 placings since 2013.  

Our titles include:

• 5 x IFBB Pro 

• 5 x WBFF Pro

• 20 + UKBFF British Champions

• 20 + UKBFF National Champions

• 50 +UKBFF  British championship top 6 placings

• 80 + UKBFF British Finalists

• 3 x top 6 IFBB World championships 

• 3 x Amateur Olympia runner up 

• 4 x top 6 IFBB European Championships

• 4 x UKBFF Bodypower Champions 

• UKBFF Welsh GP Winner o35 Bikini

• UKBFF Welsh GP winner open Bikini

• UKBFF English GP winner and 2nd place

• Top 5 IFBB World championships

• 10 + top 6 places Miami Pro

• 20 +top 6 places UKUP 

• 10 + top 6 places PCA 

• Numerous 1st places at regional level

Staying Healthy

Michelle has been competing herself for almost 10 years and understands the importance of staying healthy in contest. Michelle encourages her competitors to run regular blood tests and hormone analysis to ensure optimum health during prep. 


Michelle has posed thousands of bikini competitors for all federations over a 10 year period.  If you are interested in booking posing with Michelle please click here 

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