Pose with Michelle

Learn to pose with a Pro

Presentation is one of the most important aspects of presenting yourself on stage.

Michelle has been preparing competitors for stage since 2012, Michelle has coached for all federations actoss UK, Europe and Worldwide.  It is really important to understand the differences in posing for your federation so you can let the judges see what they expect to see.

What is covered

Comparison rounds (quarter or half turns)

Individual round (i walk, t walks)

Walks on off stage (front side back walks)

Advice on types of posing

Advice on what shows you would suit

Advice on suits, shoes etc

Posing for

Bikini (USA style)

Bikini Fitness (European style)


Fitness Model

Prices & Location 

Michelle offers posing in Basingstoke on a Friday or Sunday. £75 per hour.  If you would like to book Michelle please use the booking form below and Michelle will send you a confirmation.