Train with Michelle


Train with Michelle

Michelle specialises in female aesthetic health, how diet and training affect the body in terms of the way you look on the outside and health on the inside.  Michelle believes it is important to strike a balance between the two. Michelle's training method combines diet and training for the body you always wanted and optimum health in the process.

Michelle has over 10 years experience transforming female bodies and has coached over 1500  bikini competitors with 1000+ top 6 places in Bikini and fitness Competitions. Michelle has also trained other establish trainers how to coach for competition.

✔️Most successful & long establlshed Bikini competition coach in UK

✔️Over 10 years comp prep experience 

✔️Pre and post natal

✔️ Female fat loss

✔️ Body Transformation 

✔️Beginner to Pro level competition coaching 

✔️Flexible diets, macro tracking & plant based options

Michelle offers two types of online training via her training team Showgirl Fitness

  • Competition Coaching with
  • Coaching for non competitors 


Michelle believes in eating a certain way rather than sticking to a rigid diet which is difficult, boring and unsustainable.  Michelle uses a flexi diet system with the option to macro track (even for competitors).  Michelle is plant based and welcomes those with special dietary requirements

Coaching for non competitors

Michelle has helped train thousands of women from all walks of life, if you are interested in online training or starting your own Transformation click here

Competition Coaching

Michelle is competition coaching for Showgirl Fitness. If you are looking for an experienced competition coach with a proven track record in womens bikini competitions get in touch to discuss your needs


Michelle teaches posing to Bikini competitors, if you are interested in availability please email


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