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Plant based Bikini Prep & Coaching

Michelle has been transistioning toward a plant based diet since 2017, after years of competition preparation eating animal products 6 times a day, Michelle began to feel like it was simply too much meat.  After research and reading into a plant based diet Michelle realised that not only was consuming so much animal product unnecessary but also unhealthy. During this research Michelle also uncovered some truths surrounding the cruelty and brutality of the meat and dairy industry.

Although there are currently limited professional courses in plant based nutrition, Michelle has a  Diploma in Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition, in addition to this Michelle has prepared for IFBB professional competitions fully plant based and understands what is required to prep for competitions while avoiding all animal products and byproducts.

If you are interested in Bikini prep or coaching on a Plant based diet or interesting in transistioning towards a plant based diet get in touch 


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